Friday, December 31, 2010

Finding the Harmonies Among Dissonance

As the New Year approached, like most people, I found myself looking at what I'd like to accomplish in 2011.  After getting over the usual weight-loss thoughts and other self-improvements, I saw the common theme among all of my goals - finding the harmonies among the dissonance.

For me, it's a bit like listening for your child's voice in a room full of children - that instant recognition of what is familiar, and the comfort of what is native to you and your life.  You KNOW.

Life can often be like trying to paddle upstream in a canoe or a kayak.  If you're darting around or don't have a clear path then the current will slow you down or even stop you for a while, but if you have a clearly defined path and are heading straight toward it then each stroke becomes stronger and you glide upstream easily. The boat and paddle work together in harmony to cut through the current. However, the second you stop paddling because of some distraction or stray from your course, you lose ground.

It may take a few tries before you find your path, and sometimes you may even end up further downstream, but when you know what you're supposed to do and you do it despite the obstacles and barriers, your sense of self worth and accomplishment needs no praise.  You have found the harmonies among the dissonance of the rushing waters trying to pull you in another direction.  You have experienced this before.  It is native to you.  You KNOW.

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