Monday, June 13, 2011

Fond Memories of Live Music

Growing up my dad and my brother both have had a real love of music, and as a result I was introduced to many  types.

My first concert (when I was 8) was Huey Lewis and the News at the Capital Centre in Washington, DC.  That was a very cool experience as my first live concert.  Then we moved to Georgia and I got to see Bruce Springsteen at the old Omni (since replaced by Phillips Arena), followed by Robert Plant.  It was funny because I was only 10 yrs old at Robert Plant and I was so tired that I actually fell asleep in my seat during the concert before it was over.  Tom Petty was another classic that I'll never forget.

In high school one of my favorite concerts was Stone Temple Pilots at Lakewood Amphitheater. I loved those guys.  Later I saw Carlos Santana at the same venue.

While I didn't seem to possess the same veracity of fanhood as my dad and brother for many artists, I did get exposed to more music than I would have sought out on my own, especially since I listened to a lot of rap.

On my 21st birthday my brother and I saw Kid Rock doing an interview at a bar and he walked up and asked him and the DJ for tickets to the show the next night, which he got.  We went down and brought some friends and saw Staind open and then Kid Rock at the Cotton Club.  That was an awesome show.

The biggest variety of music came at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.  That is something that I think all music lovers should experience at some point in their lives.  The whole vibe is incredible, and over the few times I went I got to see some memorable shows by Dave Matthews Band, CC Adcock, North Mississippi All Stars, Galactic, John Hyatt, Jimmy Buffet, and so many more.  That's really when I became a closet Blues lover.  Some electric slide guitar and a raspy voice seems to set the mood for some great writing for me, and getting to see people like Tab Benoit, Walter Trout and many others is something I could do every night and be happy.

I really have to thank my dad for his introducing me to so much.  His love of music has continued to grow since my childhood.  He formed a band that played at my high school graduation and over the years at many places in North Georgia, organized two music festivals, operated a live music club for a year, and has since moved on to managing bands and having his own record label and publishing company by forming InTune Entertainment.  Through his endeavors I have even started to listen to some country music (which I resisted before).  I also really enjoy two acts he works with currently, the Adam Craig Band and the Chris Weaver Band.

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