Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Collective Consciousness and the Reawakening of the Human Spirit

Big things are happening here lately, and I do mean big. There is a major shift occurring this year thoughout the world that is going to help lay the foundation and direction that our global society will follow for at least the next few decades, if not centuries.

While the Internet is tangible through the devices we use to experience it, its existence is also symbolic to the level of interconnectedness. With general awareness of mass populations being thwarted for a long time due to controlling interests, this time now is a manifestation of the power of our collective consciousness and will to survive as the human race.

Large groups of people are standing up to oppressive systems that are committing crimes agains humanity. The result is the fall and/or reorganization of governments, corporations, financial institutions and other corrupt leaders that either has already happened or is in the process of happening right now.

There are also warning signs that this instability can be dangerous, such as the massive power outages in India - leaving more than half a billion people in the dark, the neclear fallout from Fukushima, unnecessary loss of life from senseless violence, and more.

The idea though is not to focus on all the negative, for that will only bring about pain, sorrow, guilt and fear. Those are some of the emotions that controlling interests want to instill in society so that they can continue to pump out their propaganda. Don't believe me? Just turn on the news and you'll see what messages are being spread, including during the commercials.

Now I'm not condoning a "global uprising". I'm not in favor of anarchy, or anything close to that. What I am saying is that we have a reawakening occuring right now that is giving us the chance to evolve as individuals and as much larger communities by learning how to treat each other with respect and dignity, to hold people accountable for their actions, and to promote the truth.

In order to take full advantage of this time we must be able to view each other for our similarities, rather than focusing on our differences. Tolerance, love and friendship should be the ruling thoughts and emotions instead of judgment and hate. It is also a time of finding ways to be productive, industrious and creative, rather than looking for governments to provide for our wellbeing and finances - because that just puts that power back into their hands instead of in the hands of the people, where it belongs.

I know I am continuing to go through major transitions right now as well, and as someone who can sense and feel things, I'd like to invite you to tune into what is going on all around. Let's figure out where we stand individually as well as a society, and use this time of reawakening to forge a path toward many years of happiness here on Earth.

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