Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Believe

I believe in the inherent goodness of people.

I believe in each individual's right to communicate.

I believe in treating others with compassion and respect.

I believe in personal responsibility, but also forgiveness.

I believe that people can change.

I believe that people create their own future.

I believe that problems in life are meant to be overcome and are part of living.

I believe in setting a good example for others.

I believe we all have the fundamental ability to heal - ourselves and others.

I believe that a person's character is measured by the sum of their actions, not brief windows in time.

I believe that art mediums can relay ideas more powerfully than plain words.

I believe in the wondrous enthusiasm and playfulness of children.

I believe that helping others in life brings great satisfaction.

I believe in seeking your personal truths.

I believe in love.

I believe in you.

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