Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Pain I Feel

At times pulsing and convulsing
Coursing through my veins
Heart pumping and head pounding
Tears come down in streams

I cry out for the pain to end
Trying to take yours away
On my wounded knees I bend
So that you can be happy someday

I feel your struggle and hear your thoughts
As if they were my own
The relief you're seeking can't be bought
But the seeds have already been sown

Though you may not know me
I feel you clearly
How I wish you could see
That you are loved so dearly

Somewhere deep inside
You know that you have what it takes
To rise up from where you hide
And get out of that dark place

I'll share this sunshine with you
Any time you're ready
The hope is just a clue
Of the climb that is steady

For you are an amazing gift
Full of life from within
We all have sand to sift
Looking ahead is where to begin

Please don't fret
Because you're not alone
Whatever you do, don't forget
You're always welcome home

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